Stewart William Astrophotography

Stewart William Astrophotography


A place to share my Astrophotography Journey, including images taken from my Bortle 5 backyard, here in rural Leicestershire.

My Current imaging rig

This is my current imaging rig, it consists of a Takahashi FSQ85, it’s a Petzval quadruplet apochromat refractor telescope, this is an f4.5, it has a very good flat field, ideal for my Starlight Xpress SXVR M25c one shot colour camera with a sensor approx 25mm x 15mm.

The guidescope, which is on the bottom in the image, is a Takahashi FS60cb, this makes an excellent guidescope and doubles as a solar scope too.

Its all controlled by a raspberry PI running the brilliant Kstars / Ekos software, which uses indi drivers. Also there is a Pegasus Ultimate Power hub V2, which powers all the kit, by it’s 4 x 12v power ports, and also provides a USB 2 & 3 hub, dew controllers, motor focus controller, and temp and humidity sensors, also 5v and adjustable power ports.

This all sits on my Skywatcher EQ8 pro mount, which is a few years old now, but performs very well. It’s very well polar aligned with a polemaster. The mount lives in my new observatory, this in turn is mounted on my Astroengineering steel pier, bolted down to a 2.5 cubic feet of concrete.

Some recent images 

Many these images and those throughout my site were taken with the equipment and software shown under the equipment & software tabs. Some were taken with previously owned equipment not listed on these pages.

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